The SmartCT project is based on the synergy, teamwork and know-how brought by the participating partners

The Marconi-Mangano Higher Education Institute was founded in the school year 1972/73 as the third industrial institution in the city of Catania. Over the years it has established itself as one of the reference technical institutes in the city and boasts various specializations, from telecommunications to information technology to construction.

The non-profit association "Gianfranco Troina" was created to offer young people a place to discuss, compare and improve. The main objectives are the fight against selfishness, indifference, violence and bullying.

Smartourism srls is a young company born from the will of the partners to carry out an innovative technological development project in the field of web and mobile services in the tourism and commercial sector.

The Franchi foundation is engaged in the search for new knowledge models that support man in his development path growth with a lifelong learning perspective.