The SmartCT Project | School, Culture, Territory

SmartCT was born thanks to the tender La Scuola Attiva La Cultura, promoted by the Ministry for cultural goods and activities and for tourism. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by MiBACT and combining the know-how of the G. Marconi State Industrial Technical Institute, the Gianfranco Association, the Franchi Foundation and the innovative startup Smatourism srls, two interactive itineraries will be created in the city of Catania, in order to to offer citizens and tourists a smart and fun experience.
Through the tools offered by new technologies, a system will be created to get to know natural/cultural assets and to actively involve local companies and the products they make.

Our Smart Itineraries


Catania has a stratification of XXVII centuries..all to tell. In this itinerary full of history, you can walk through the streets of the city and discover, from the Greek period to the modern one, the different cultures that influenced Catania's art, customs and life.


Several legends are attributed to the magician Eliodoro, such as that of having modeled the elephant statue from the incandescent lava, a symbol of the city of Catania. On this itinerary full of mystery, discover the secret places of the city and the stories of the famous magician ...